Economic Uncertainty Makes Gift Cards Number 1 Choice For Christmas

Despite reports about the green shoots of economic recovery, financial uncertainty is still shaping our present buying habits this Christmas.

Research carried out by One4All, reveals that 31% of people don’t expect their own financial circumstances to get better in 2013 and 78% don’t believe there will be any improvement in the county’s economic fortunes either.

As a result, we’re facing a very practical festive season with Christmas presents being chosen to help tighter household budgets.

Multi-store gift cards and cash top the list of most welcome Christmas presents this year, with both thought to be good gifts by 94% and 91% of people respectively.

Declan Byrne, Managing Director UK of One4all, a leading multi-store gift card sold through Post Offices nationwide and online, says, “It’s perhaps not surprising that when money is tight, people are keen not to waste money on unwanted gifts at Christmas."

“We’re seeing many examples of people using multi-store gift cards, which can be used in a wide variety of shops, to help fund home improvements or put money towards an annual holiday, as well as the more usual options of buying clothes, books or music."

“These gifts are welcome because they help people to buy the things they really want or need, but avoid the embarrassment of having to ask for cash or admit what the money will really be spent on."

“The research highlights this attitude, with only 18% of people saying that they would prefer cash to multi-store gift cards if given the choice.”