DIY Garden


Have you ever thought about growing your own fruit and veg? With the arrival of spring, there is no better time to start. Not only is it healthier and therapeutic, it will also save you money. The extra effort and time can be off putting, but, if you enjoy being outdoors and reaping the rewards of hard work, then growing your own fruit and veggies, is a great hobby. So, why not challenge yourself with our help this spring. Why not start with our favourite sweet treat, rhubarb!

Rhubarb is the perfect choice for a first-time grower, as it is not a difficult nor expensive plant to grow. Here are our tips to get you started.

1: Make sure you plant each root/crown about 1m apart to avoid crowding and to allow the plant to establish a large root system.


2: Before planting the rhubarb, work plenty of rotten manure or compost into the soil to enrich it.


3: During the first year after planting the stalks, they should not be picked. This is because it weakens the plan which can affect successive crops 


4: Watch out for rot! Thiscan be avoided by planting in well-drained soil and not burying the rhubarb under compost. If rot is caught early then the rotten piece of root can be cut away and you can replant the rest, which will hopefully save the plant.


5: Every four to five years, dig up the crown to trim it down to four or five buds or simply divide it to create more plants. This should be done between November and March, while the plant is inactive.

Simple! Now you have some delicious home grown rhubarb, what will you do with it? We’ve hand-picked our favourite recipes for you to try out.