Disney Movies The Whole Family Will Love Watching Again And Again

Disney Movies The Whole Family Will Love Watching Again And Again

Whether it’s the tale of a ‘street rat’ stumbling upon a magic lamp, the adventures of a group of living toys, the story of a headstrong princess who sets off on an ocean quest with a demigod, or of a pumpkin king who tries to take over Christmas, Disney has enough magic to make every night family movie night!

Here, in no particular order, we list the best Disney movies to keep your family entertained.


Up is a wonderful movie about friendship and kindness with plenty of LOL moments from characters Carl, Russell and ‘talking’ dog Dug. After his wife, Ellie, passes, Carl decides to fulfil their dream of moving to Paradise Falls. He ties a bunch of balloons to his home and lifts off to South America – with enthusiastic boy scout Russell unexpectedly tagging along.

Toy Story

‘To infinity and beyond!’ Who hasn’t wished they could chat to their favourite toy? For Andy, his toys come alive…whenever he’s not around, of course. In the first entry of this fantastic Pixar franchise, Andy adds Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure, to his incredible toy collection which already includes his right-hand man Woody. The two first butt heads as they fight to be the main toy in Andy’s life but after an unexpected trip to bully Sid’s house, they soon learn to share the spotlight.

The Incredibles

‘Honey, where’s my super suit?’ Thanks, Disney, for creating a film that really makes us wish we belonged to a family of superheroes! The Incredibles follows the crime-fighting adventures of The Parr family, more popularly known to us as, Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet and Dash. After the government introduces a ban on superhero activity, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl retreat to a life in the suburbs but we soon see that the family were never going to hang their capes up for good.


A magic carpet ride, lovable ‘street rat’, fabulous genie and strong-willed princess – what’s not to love about Disney’s Aladdin? Living on the streets and scrounging for scraps, Aladdin’s tough luck changes when he discovers a lamp with a wish-granting genie inside. When evil strikes, Aladdin steps up to the hero mark to not only save his home, Agrabah, but his love interest too, Princess Jasmine.


Emotional, visually stunning, incredible music and with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the cast list, Moana is a wonderful tale of bravery and magic. After Maui, the shape-shifting demigod and master of sailing, steals the ancient goddess Te Fiti’s heart, fearless Polynesia heroine Moana is chosen by the ocean to return it in order to protect her people and land.

The Lion King

The 2019 remake may have Queen Bey but the 1994 animated original still has a special charm with twists, turns and important lessons (never forget: Hakuna matata!). A heart-breaking and captivating tale that follows lion Simba, who must rise to power after his father Mufasa is murdered by his evil brother Scar.


Disney’s take on this historical figure features amazing songs (specifically Colours of the Wind and Just Around the Riverbend), beautiful visuals, and a gorgeous, strong female lead. Journey back to the 17th Century and follow the tale of Pocahontas, an empowering Native American heroine, who falls in love with colonist Captain John Smith – a love that her father, Chief Powhatan, does not approve of.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Originally released through Disney’s Touchstone Pictures banner, many argue over whether this animated wonder by Tim Burton falls into the ‘Halloween’ or ‘Christmas’ movie category, we feel it’s a ‘whenever you feel like it’ movie! The pumpkin King, Jack Skellington has ‘grown tired of the same old thing’ when it comes to Halloween activities. He accidentally stumbles into Christmas town and quickly becomes obsessed with the once-mysterious holiday. He plots to give ‘Santy Claws’ a night off but things don’t exactly go according to plan.