The Decline of wedding anniversary traditions...

Many of you may be familiar with the traditional gifts often given to mark anniversary milestones. However new research conducted by One4all, the Post Office Gift Card, reveals that more than half of Brits, a significant 55% to be precise, are unfamiliar with wedding anniversary milestones, such as the pearl, silver and ruby.

  • 61% of those surveyed were unaware that one of the most popular milestones, the Ruby wedding anniversary, is celebrated after 40 years together.

  • Only 10% admitted to giving and receiving customary landmark gifts which tie into the traditions.

  • Almost 1 in 2 respondents believe such gifts reflect male tastes and 1 in 10 consider them to be outdated.

  • Although these traditions appear to be declining in popularity, Brits are still as romantic as ever. Only 4% regularly forget their anniversary and just 6% admit that they have to remind partner about an upcoming anniversary. Interestingly, it seems we get better at remembering with age – 25–34 year olds are the age group most likely to forget, with 1 in 10 claiming to do so regularly.We especially love that 68% of adults believe they will be with their partners forever. Even if women are slightly more romantic in this department, with 5% more females than males admitting they feel this way.

  • While the over 55s are often amongst the closest to some of the most major landmark anniversaries, it is interesting to learn that they are also the most likely to shun traditional anniversary gifts in favour of exchanging gifts which are more personal.

Did you know?

In 2015, Britons’ top 5 ways of celebrating anniversaries are:

1.)   Exchanging Cards

2.)   Having dinner or an evening out

3.)   Heading away for a romantic short break

4.)   Giving gifts that reflect their partner’s tastes and interests

5.)   Trading gifts which tie into traditions

We want to hear what you think about giving traditional gifts to mark wedding anniversary milestones...Do you give traditional or more personal gifts? What would you prefer to receive? Let us know with the hashtag #anniversarygift