Money not Christ is the Spirit of Communion Dat

One4all Gift Card survey reveals our memories and thoughts of Communion Day in Ireland

Communion season is in full around the country with boys and girls gracing the aisles in their white dresses and spiffy suits to receive the Eucharist. However according to the survey conducted by leading gift card specialists One4all, on over 300 Irish adults aged between 18 and 65, our six and seven year olds selves were more excited about receiving money from family and friends (69%) than receiving the body of Christ for the first time (31%).

Communion Day memories

The survey carried out by gifting specialists One4all revealed that donning the special Communion outfit (56%) followed by visiting relatives and neighbours (23%) were the two most special memories of the Day. Receiving the Sacrament of the Altar for the first time ranked third on the list of special memories with only 15% choosing this as their most magic moment.

The ‘rigout’

Showing off the Communion dress after the special day was something every little girl wanted to do before it was handed down or sold on; not surprisingly almost half of the female respondents surveyed wore their Communion dress at least once after the big day, 40% wore it up to three more times and only 14% got more than four wears out of it.

Among the ladies surveyed, almost half handed their Communion dresses down to younger siblings or relatives but a whopping third of Irish females still have theirs. Others either donated theirs to charity (14%) or sold it (2%).

The ‘job’

Most teachers endeavour to give every child in the class a ‘job’, like the offertory procession or prayer of the faithful, to ensure everyone has a role in the ceremony. At the time this is one of the biggest responsibilities in a young communicant’s life. However, almost two thirds of those surveyed do not remember their big ‘job’ on the day.

But when asked how much money they made, the majority of men and women remembered with 15% claiming to receive over €150 (punts), 22% earned between €90 and €150 (punts), 17% received between €50 and €70 (punts) and the remainder receiving less than €50 (punts).

Communion Day - Present

A unanimous majority (83%) agreed that over the past 10 years Communion Days have become much more extravagant affairs and 77% agreed that the amount of money people bestow on children making their First Holy Communion is far too much.

The One4all survey also revealed that most people prefer to give the youngsters money (59%), followed by a gift (26%), followed by a gift card (12%) to congratulate them.

Interestingly, cash and gift cards favour the Communion fund as people are more likely to dole out higher value awards in cash rather than gifts.


43% give between €20 - €30

29% give between €10 - €20

24% give between €30 - €50

4% give €50 +


Gift Cards:

53% give between €20 - €30

34% give between €30 - €50

3% give between €10 - €20

9% give €50 +



36% spend between €10 - €20

35% spend between €20 - €30

28% spend between €30 - €50

1% spend €50 +


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