With long lectures, day-to-day tasks and the all-important socialising, we know student life isn’t as plain sailing as it may seem. Chances are, your busy schedule means the state of your student digs often takes a back seat - but keeping everything clean and tidy doesn't have to be a chore!

 Here are some of our top tips to give you the kick-start you may need:


Little and Often

You don't need to set aside hours to keep on top of your cleaning. Just do little bits here and there, for example sweeping/hoovering the floor a couple of times a week, washing up your dishes as you use them and wiping down the worktop surface after you've been cooking. The job never seems quite as daunting if you tackle it as you go along.


Handy Storage Units

If you're in halls this year, chances are your room will already have great storage facilities. Make the most of the space you're given, whether it be your wardrobe, shelves or storage space under your bed. If that's not enough for your bits and bobs, don’t worry, as Argos has great handy storage units to suit a student budget.


Compact Cleaning Kit

With the amount of cleaning paraphernalia on offer, knowing what products you need can seem a little overwhelming. Cover the basics: washing up liquid and cloths for the kitchen, bleach for the toilet and antibacterial wipes cover almost everything else! Amazon has some great compact kits for students to get you started.


A Tidy Space Makes a Tidy Mind

Your new bedroom is such an important space – as well as offering a safe haven from the madness of the communal kitchen and playing host to crucial flat movie nights in, it is often your primary study hub. Keep all your new books and notes organised with handy desk storage solutions from WHSmith. The bright colours and patterns are a great way to liven up your room, and a tidy space is the best environment to concentrate in.



It's best to keep all your unwashed clothes together in a bag or basket for colour-sorting later. If you don't have access to a dryer, it's useful to have a collapsible clothes airer which won't compromise your limited space or your stylish interior.


Don’t Become Everyone’s Cleaner

Offering to wash your flatmate's dishes as a one-off can be a nice gesture during their bout of 'Fresher's Flu', but make sure you don't become overgenerous. You and your flatmates are all equally responsible for the shared areas. Having a simple bin or cleaning rota is a good way to dish out the domestic duties fairly and means it’s less likely that anyone will feel frustrated or taken for granted.

 And don’t forget once it’s all done, you can put your feet up and RELAX!