Classic Christmas Food Ranked From Best To Worst

Christmas Feast 1

A tin of Roses or a tub of Heroes? A slice of Christmas cake or a mini mince pie? These are the questions we ask ourselves when Christmas comes to town. Here in the One4all HQ, we love a good festive treat but know it can be difficult to choose between all the different goodies on offer this season.

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If you’re looking for the perfect treat to nibble on with your cuppa, we’ve come to the rescue. One4all’s chief foodies, designers Fergal and Steven, and marketing whizz Sam tried some of the tastiest Christmas food you’ll find in shops across the country. Here are the results:

Best Sweet Treat

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You know it’s Christmas when you see tins of sweets popping up in every corner of the supermarket, office, and house. If you haven’t decided what chocolates you’ll be chomping on while you wait for your Christmas breakfast, we’re here to help. The One4all team tasted chocolates from three traditional tins; Celebrations, Heroes, and Roses. Here’s what they thought:

Fergal: Celebrations. ‘Even with the inclusion of coconut, the variety in this festive tin soars it straight to the number one spot for me.’

Christmas Feast 4

Steven: Roses. ‘There is no such thing as a bad tin of Christmas sweets, but I just love Roses, they come with the extra flavour of nostalgia!’

Christmas Feast 5

Sam: Heroes. ‘Top banana!’

Christmas Feast 6

Verdict: Tie

Perfect With A Festive Cuppa

Christmas Feast 7

You can’t fully enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at Christmastime without a treat. The One4all team tried four traditional Christmas treats; mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, and chocolate yule log. Here’s what they thought:

Fergal: Yule log. ‘I don’t mix with Christmas cake and I’m definitely not a mince pie man, so this was an easy one for me. The sponge was light and chocolatey, and the creamy icing had a nice bite to it.’

Christmas Feast 8

Steven: Mince pies. ‘Unlike Fergal, I’m a mince pie man so I was always going to choose these little pastries. While these weren’t the tastiest, they still took the number one spot for me.’

Christmas Feast 9

Sam: Mince pies. ‘It isn’t Christmas for me until I’ve sunk my teeth into a mince pie and these were delicious! Enjoy with a hot mug of tea and you’re in for a real afternoon treat!’

Christmas Feast 10

Verdict: Mince pies

Best Christmas Sandwich

Christmas Feast 11

If you fancy a break from your regular ham and cheese on white bread, a Christmas sandwich is the best way to upgrade your lunch this year. The One4all team tasted four Christmas sandwiches: Turkey & Stuffing, Roast Chicken Dinner, Duck & Plum Chutney, and Turkey & Pigs In Blankets. Here’s what they thought:

Fergal: Duck & Plum Chutney. ‘All these Christmas-dinner tasting sandwiches were delicious but there was something special about the Duck & Plum Chutney flavour. While some of the sandwiches had a sticky texture (with parts of it becoming lodged in the grooves of my mouth), the texture of this was just right and the contrast of flavour was a delight on the palate.’

Christmas Feast 12

Steven: Turkey & Pigs In Blankets. ‘The Duck & Plum Chutney nearly took the crown but then I tried the Turkey & Pigs In Blankets and I knew I had a clear winner. Full of flavour with a nice contrast between meaty and sweetness.’

Christmas Feast 13

Sam: Roast Chicken Dinner. ‘I really liked the Turkey & Pigs In Blankets sandwich but the Roast Chicken Dinner sandwich just had a little extra. There was a good mix of flavours and the addition of roast vegetables sent my taste buds straight to flavour town.’

Christmas Feast 13

Verdict: Tie

Perfect With A Pint

When beer and crisps get together, good things happen. The crisp creates the thirst, the beer quenches it. If you’re looking to swap your go-to packet of cheese and onion for a flavour that’s a little more exotic, you’ve come to the right place. The One4all team tried two packets of festive flavoured crisps; Turkey Feast and Pigs In Blankets. Here’s what they thought:

Fergal: Turkey Feast. ‘This was a tough choice for me as both were delicious – crunchy and full of flavour - but the Turkey Feast flavour just had the extra edge – the flavour was more unusual and more Christmassy!’

Christmas Feast 14

Steven: Pigs In Blankets. ‘My favourite crisp flavour is bacon (or smokey bacon as some like to call it) so I knew straight away the Pigs In Blankets flavour was going to be my winner. The flavour was delicious, and the addition of crispy pork rinds added an extra bit of crunch which I loved!’

Christmas Feast 16

Sam: Pigs In Blankets. ‘The Turkey Feast flavour are nice at first, but the flavour is too strong to eat many so the Pigs In Blankets flavour are the crisps for me. Full of flavour, not too salty and the pork rinds were like light pork scratchings.’

Christmas Feast 18

Verdict: Pigs In Blankets Flavoured Crisps

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