One4all's Christmas tips

With only 15 days ‘til Christmas, the pressure is on to prepare! Between the decorations, parties and mince pies, we’re already feeling exhausted… So we compiled a short list of Christmas tips and tricks for savvy Santas and resourceful reindeers, to help make this Christmas extra special (and a little less stressful).

1. Think outside the (gift) box

We’ve found loads of great ideas for alternative decorations… Some of them save you money (toilet roll decorations), some elegantly simple (baubles in wine glasses) and some are just plain gorgeous (this mini Christmas tree). Thinking outside the box can make your decorations stand out without the expense.

2. Make ‘em smile

After the gadgets have been stowed away and the new outfits are in the closet, the gifts that we remember are the ones that made us smile. Spend a few minutes rooting out that embarrassing photo on Facebook and add it to a personalised One4all for a gift that will make your mates laugh whenever they use it.

3. Plan to finish

This one’s so simple, but worth pointing out – pick a time to stop preparing and start enjoying Christmas. Whether it’s 5pm on Christmas Eve or even earlier, make sure you plan a little time to spend on getting yourself into the festive spirit (hot chocolate and carols usually do the trick). Lucy Kennedy recommends a game of Pictionary, Jenga and charades for family fun and embarrassing moments!

4. Discover your Christmas personality

Are you a surly Scrooge, an eager elf or a smiley snowman? Take our Christmas Personality quiz to find out which Christmas character you are! Let people know on Facebook and Twitter so they know whether to shower you with tinsel or hold back the festive cheer…

5. Plan ahead...

Ever noticed how Christmas seems to come quicker and quicker each year? Before you know it you'll be unpacking the decorations and scouting for presents again, so why not plan ahead and make life easier for next year? Make notes of which presents were most popular and store your decorations away neatly... you'll be glad you did in 11 months' time!

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