It's the most magical time of the year, but between the cooking, shopping, present-wrapping, hosting, cleaning and everything else, Christmas can sometimes feel like a full time job! So with that in mind, we decided to research just how much you'd get paid if your job title was 'Christmas Guru'!

Turns out, the average person spend 66 hours and 44 minutes preparing for Christmas - equivalent to almost two working weeks in a full time job! That means that if we were actually ‘doing Christmas’ as a job, we'd earn the equivalent of £558 in wages - £53 more than the average weekly wage in the UK!


The Breakdown

Shopping for presents was the most time-consuming task, taking an average of 10 hours 7minutes and 12 seconds; followed by shopping for food and decorations, which takes 8 hours 49 minutes and 12 seconds.

Cooking was the task we spend the third largest amount of time on at Christmas, spending 7 hours 35 minutes 24 seconds in the kitchen on average (we can smell the turkey already!)


The Top 10 Tasks (and the time we spend doing them)

  • Buying Gifts: 10 hours 7minutes 12 seconds

  • Shopping for food, decorations and other Christmas related goods: 8 hours 49 minutes 12 seconds

  • Cooking: 7 hours 35 minutes 24 seconds

  • Cleaning the house: 6 hours 53 minutes 24 seconds

  • Wrapping Gifts: 6 hours 31 minutes 48 seconds

  • Having guests over: 6 hours 21 minutes 36 seconds

  • Laundry: 5 hours 58 minutes 48 seconds

  • Organising social occasions: 5 hours 21 minutes 36 seconds

  • Childcare: 4 hours 44 minutes 24 seconds

  • Driving: 4 hours 17 minutes 24 seconds

Women and men share the overall responsibility of organising Christmas almost equally - with guys spending 53 minutes more than the girls preparing for the big day.

However, the data revealed that the fairer sex dedicate more energy to the more practical tasks - shopping for gifts, food and decorations, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Meanwhile, men take more responsibility for interpersonal tasks - such as hosting loved ones, arranging social occasions with family and friends, handling child care and driving their families and guests to and from social events.

Our top tips:

  • Plan out everything you need to prepare for a special Christmas day (including gift shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc) and make sure you have plenty of time to get it all done.

  • Stop your Christmas tree shedding by keeping it somewhere cool (not by the fire!)

  • Pick up One4all Gift Cards as little treats for parties, unexpected visits and those pesky hard-to-buy-for family members who have everything!

  • Make time to put your feet up with a lovely cup of hot chocolate - it's your Christmas too!

  • Bonus post-Christmas tip: Wrap your fairy lights around a wrapping paper tube to keep them untangled for next year!