New research reveals that Brits say getting ready for Christmas is equivalent to a full-time job. According to our latest findings, festive planning isn’t just a full-time job for the man in red and his elves, but for Brits too. Here at One4all, we’ve researched just how much time the nation spends planning Christmas and how the time is broken up – the results are quite amazing!

The data uncovered that the average Brit spends around 66 hours and 40 minutes preparing for Christmas, that’s equivalent to just under two weeks working in a full-time job!

In fact, if we were to get paid to do the tasks we do at Christmas, then this would equate to £558 in wages - £53 more than the average weekly wage* in the UK.

So what tasks take us the most time? We found the most time consuming festive jobs include shopping for presents, which takes on average 10 hours, 7minutes and 12 seconds, closely followed by shopping for food and decorations, taking 8 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds.

The third most time intensive task for Brits is cooking, as the average person spends 7 hours, 35 minutes and 24 seconds in the kitchen cooking a feast for family members. 

Surprisingly, when it comes to organising Christmas, men spend 53 minutes more than women preparing for the big day. When looking at how men and women spend their time, research revealed men spend more time on the interpersonal tasks such as hosting loved ones, arranging social occasions with family and friends, driving family to events and handling childcare.

Women will be found carrying out the practical tasks such as shopping for gifts, putting up decorations, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, according to the data.

Respondents were asked how they would like to be thanked for their efforts and found that, while 42% would be pleased with a simple ‘thank you’, 1 in 4 (22%) would like to receive thank you gifts such as gift cards or vouchers, followed by wine (18%) and chocolate (16%).


What’s the Christmas task that takes up the majority of your time in the run up to the big day? Let us know by using the hashtag #FestiveOvertime with the handle @One4allUK on Facebook and @One4allGiftUK on Twitter.


Average weekly pay: *

Average hourly rate per industry: **