Did you know?

• A third of Irish parents will spend €250 - €500 on a Christening party
• A quarter splash €50 - €100 on a new Christening gown
• Over 1 in 4 parents admit to spending up to €200 on preparing themselves for the event
• 1 in 3 spend more on a Christening gift for a relative than a friend
• €30 - €50 is the average spend on a gift for 40% of guests
• 2 in 3 parents say they wouldn’t expect guests to bring a present

A white silk gown, a tiered cake and a church filled with family and friends… No, it’s not a wedding, it’s a modern Irish Christening! A new survey conducted by One4all has found that the traditional Irish baptism has become a hugely elaborate affair.

The research, which was carried out among 1,366 Irish adults, reveals that a hosting a Christening party is now a pre-requisite for 93% of parents. With venue, food, drinks and entertainment taken into consideration, a third (34%) expect to spend €250 - €500 on the party while a further 14% will spend over €500 on the do.

Dress to impress

When it comes to the christening gown a thrifty half (45%) make use of a hand-me-down Christening outfit for their baby but 42% would ditch the family heirloom in favour of a new ensemble. A quarter of parents surveyed admit to spending €50 - €100 on the child’s outfit for their special day.

Not to be outdone by the baby, over a quarter (28%) of parents say they would splurge €100 - €200 when getting themselves ready for the Christening, including a new outfit (72%) and a trip to the hairdressers (41%).

Guest of honour

When it comes to the Christening guests, a whopping 95% say they would also spend money on beautifying themselves for the Christening ceremony. Over 3 in 4 (77%) spend up to €100 on a new outfit as well as having their hair and make-up done.

If invited to the ceremony, 2 in 5 of us say they would expect to spend €30 - €50 on a gift for the tot. A third claim they would be likely to spend more on the gift if the child was a relative and 96% would certainly spend more if they were asked to be a godparent to the child.

With half (52%) of survey respondents saying that they attended 1 – 2 Christenings in the past year, it can become an expensive occasion. However, the good news is that 64% of parents surveyed say they wouldn’t expect to receive a Christening gift for their child, regardless of whether or not they hosted a Christening party.

A Special Gift

According to the One4all survey, a sentimental keepsake was the most popular Christening gift to give for 37% of guests, followed by clothes (24%), a gift card (18%) and cash (12%). However, when asked what the best gift to receive would be, parents referenced gift cards and cash as the most desired presents.

When asked about the worst Christening presents they ever received, ill-fitting clothing, picture frames, ornamental keepsakes and a bible were referenced by disgruntled parents.