The Gift Card is a prepaid card which means that money must be loaded onto the Card at the time of purchase. Once one Business Day has elapsed from the date of purchase, cardholders can use the Card to pay for purchases at participating retailer outlets. Once the card is purchased and funds loaded you cannot put further monies onto the card. With the gift card you can use as much or as little in each transaction until all monies have been spent. The Gift Card can be purchased for a minimum of €15 and maximum of €150.

General FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions concerning your Gift Card. If you still have questions after reading this page, you can contact our Customer Service team by contacting the Helpline on (01)8708111.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my Gift Card?

If you are having problems with your Gift Card you should contact the Customer Service Helpline Number (01) 8708111

Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can buy a Gift Card for?

Yes the min. is €15 and max. €150. The Gift Cards are available in €1 denominations.

What happens if my card gets lost/stolen?

To report a lost or stolen Gift Card, please call the Customer Service Helpline immediately on 01-8708111. Please note you must have your card number in order for us to be able to replace it.  A re-issue fee of €5.00 will apply. GVS cannot accept any liability for deductions from your card prior to you notifying GVS with full details.

What stores accept my Gift Card?

Please visit the Chamber Website for a full list of participating retailers

Do I have to spend the whole amount at once?

No, if you don’t spend the full balance of the Gift Card, the outstanding balance remains on your Gift Card.

How long is my Gift Card valid for?

Gift Cards do not have an expiry date and will remain valid for as long as there is a balance on them. All physical cards have a limited time span and will need to be replaced to use the remaining funds on the card after this date. This date is printed as a "Valid Thru" date on the front of the Gift Cards. Remember that any funds remaining on the card after this date remain available for you to spend, however you will need to apply for a replacement card to do so. A charge will be deducted on a monthly basis from funds remaining on cards from the 13th month following the purchase date. The monthly charge is €1.45 or remaining balance on card if lower.

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

You can check the balance online by visiting www.one4all.ie/one4all-checkbalance  . Alternatively you can phone the automated balance enquiry phone number 1890 930 077.  For convenience we also recommend that you keep track of your balance by recording your spending on the back of the card in the spaces provided.

Do I have to use it all in the same shop or can I use it in different outlets?

The Gift Card offers great flexibility providing you with the options to “part spend” it in a wide variety of outlets. You don't have to use it all in the one shop.

Why do I need to know my Balance?

Retailers do not have access to check your balance at their tills. If they attempt to process the Gift Card for more than the balance on the Gift Card the transaction will be rejected.  Retailers need to know that they are not attempting to deduct more money than is on the card, if you do not know the exact balance you may elect to tell the retailer to deduct a sum off the card that you know is below the current balance.

Can I use my Gift Card online?

You can use you the Gift Card online in selected stores, for a current list of online retailers please visit the Chamber Website.

Using your Gift Card with a participating Retail Partner

When making a purchase you must know the balance of what is on your card to ensure that there are enough funds available to cover the purchase. If the amount of a purchase which you wish to make using your Card is greater than the available balance, you can pay the difference in cash or by another payment method. For example if you know there is €30 on your card and your purchase is €50 inform the retailer that you have €30 on the card and wish to pay the balance with cash, the retailer can then process the transaction without issue. Should the retailer not be informed the transaction will fail as they will be trying to remove the €50 from a €30 card. The retailer will not know the balance and may say that the card is not working. The main cause of a card been declined is due to the customer not knowing the card balance and attempting to purchase an item for a higher value than what is on the card.

Should you use the term "split transaction" most retailers will understand this that you want to use the Gift Card and another method of payment to pay for the items.

Card would not work at a retailer

There could be several reasons why your Gift Card failed at a retailer. The balance on your Gift Card may be less than you thought, the physical Gift Card could have expired and may need to be replaced, there may have been an issue with the retailer's card processing terminal or the magnetic stripe on your card may have been damaged by a magnetic field. Some of the most common items that contain magnets are phone covers with magnetic clasp, iPad tablet covers, clasps on wallets, retailer tag demagnetizer or even your fridge magnet. To confirm your balance please contact the balance information line on 1890 930077 or online at www.one4all.ie/one4all-checkbalance

If the balance on your card is correct then please contact our Customer Service team on 01-8708111 to investigate further.


Standard post orders will take between 2 – 5 days for delivery, registered post 24 – 48hrs and courier next day. Should you have any queries on these please contact our customer service team on 01-8708100  

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