Building your brand one employee at a time?

Building a brand is all about getting your name out there and into the minds of potential customers. However, it is the secret message behind the brand that really resonates with the customer and moves the message from the mind to the heart.

Emotional engagement is the difference between having a customer or having an advocate for your brand. The same is true for your employees; once they buy into your brand they will become passionate employees and advocates for your company and this in turn will raise your brand awareness.

Nothing tells the story of your brand better than a passionate employee.

If customers can engage with your employees and feel good about it, they will be more likely to remain loyal and refer more business to you.

Financial Reward
In the current economic climate, financial rewards for achieving targets are the most motivating reward for employees. But large cash amounts are not currently an option and small cash amounts get lost in your employees salary, as it is often hard for the employee to figure out how much they received after tax.

What Works For Everyone?
Finding one reward that suits all of your employees can be difficult. One4all Rewards have researched this issue and have now found a solution designed to show your employees that you are sensitive to their financial needs. Many companies are now finding that the perfect solution is to combine a small financial reward with a reward that will be associated with your company or brand.

One4all Gift Cards are the ideal solution for your employee reward. With over 17,000 outlets nationwide to choose from, no matter what your employees interests are or where they live, they are guaranteed to find something they really want or really need. One4all Gift Cards can be customised with your company logo or brand giving your employee a positive association with your company right up until the moment they spend their gift card at the till.

How Will This Translate To Your Company Bottom Line?

  • Rewarding your employees with a One4all Gift Card shows that you have your employees best interest at heart
  • Your employees will appreciate you for rewarding them and the cutomised One4all Gift Card element will serve as a badge of honour, compelling them to endorse your company with a sense of pride
  • The resulting passion and loyalty shown by your employee’s will in turn encourage customers to buy into your brand and increase your profits

New Profit Formula

Employee Reward + Brand + One4all = Loyal Motivated Employee Brand Advocate