Must not forget - Festival Essentials!

For those of you who have attended a festival before, you will know the importance of investing time and thought into what you pack. Although the music, food and company will be enough to make an incredible experience, you still want to make sure your trip isn’t memorable for all the wrong reasons!

We’ve put together a list of things we suggest you do not leave home without. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

A Good Tent

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good place to rest your head. After all that signing, dancing and partying you’ll want nothing more than a comfortable, safe place to catch up on your sleep.


This Aventura 4 Man Tunnel Tent, (Was £60, Now £42.50) available at Halfords is the perfect pop-up hotel for you and your friends. Just make sure you set it up properly, there’s nothing worse than it collapsing in the early hours of the morning, leaving you to re-assemble it in the dark!


A Full Battery

A power bank is the perfect solution for a low battery after overdoing it on the selfies. If you’re miles from a power socket this is the ultimate solution. It will help you stay in touch with straying friends and enable you to video your favourite bands all weekend.

The Powerchimp Lite Universal Phone Charger, £19.99 from Currys, is lightweight, can fit easily in your bag and can provide most smartphones with a 30% boost in battery life.


A Place to Rest Your Weary Legs

Before the music begins and also after it ends, you’ll definitely want a place to rest your tired and aching legs. The grass may do the trick although thanks to the great British weather the greenery turns to thick mud in no time.


Cue the Inflatable Camping Chair, (Was £24.99, Now £20.73) from ArgosIt’s easy to inflate and deflate, comes with a safety patch and can even double up as a pretty impressive bed! We can guarantee you’ll be fighting your friends for it! 

You’ve got a little comfort and a fully charged phone but how about all those little life saving essentials that you’re guaranteed to forget! Don’t worry about remembering them all, there is someone to do it for you. No, it’s not your mum!


This kit by Festipack, £12.99 from Amazon contains 13 festival essentials all in one pack! From torches, UV paint and rainproof ponchos, this pre-made pack has it covered. What’s more it’s small enough to fit in your bag leaving plenty of room for your wellies, loo roll and a few luxury items. Genius!


With these important essentials taken care of you can rest assured that you want have any unpleasant surprises, and will come home having not missed all that many of your home comforts!

We want to know what your festival must have essential is?

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