We’re well into wedding season and you may by now have attended your fair share of celebrations. According to our latest research there is a definite rise of so called ‘wedding guest one up-manship’. To put it more bluntly the modern man is seeing weddings as the prime opportunity to boast about their achievements! Does this sound familiar?

Here’s what we’re talking about...


1 in 4 men feel under pressure to appear successful

You might think you’re one of only a few who worries about what others think, however our research shows that a significant number of men, 1 in 4 to be precise, attend weddings amidst huge pressure to appear successful. This is in terms of things such as careers, romantic partners, achievements etc.

Astonishingly, more than 40% of UK men admit that they consider a wedding the perfect opportunity to communicate their achievement and status!


Half of men claim to feel inadequate in comparison to other guests

The survey of 1,000 adults also revealed that 40% of men feel inadequate compared to fellow attendees. It is understandable that men may feel this way, especially when friends and family will often be in tow. What is interesting however, are the lengths they are going to dispel any negative ideas they feel others may have about their successes (see below).


Men are giving women a run for their money with regards to keeping up appearances

In a bid to make sure they are looking on top form for the big day, 32% of men admitted to spending over 3 hours preparing! 56% have invested in a new suit to attend a wedding and over half have spent money on grooming treatments, such as a new hairstyle, professional shave, a wax or a spray tan. 1 in 2 admitted to having had their car waxed before a wedding and 7% even confessed to having hired a car to drive rather than taking their own!


They’re also matching women pound for pound – in the purse stakes that is

Interestingly it seems that men are also willing to splash more of their cash than women on gifts to the newlyweds. The average man spends more than women, which could be as a result of them fearing that they may appear stingy. The results highlight that men believe £34.22 is the minimum they can spend on a gift without coming across as cheap, compared with £30.98 for women. 39% of men admitted spending more than they’d have liked to on a present so as not to appear unsuccessful.


Love really is all around

Weddings are notoriously regarded as the perfect place to meet potential suitors; however men believe this to be the case more than women, according to the survey. 34% of women see them as being a great place to meet new people compared with 42% of men, proving that love really is all around us!


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