Best Biscuits For Dunking In Tea

Biscuit Feature

Here in the One4all HQ, we love a good biscuit-tea pairing and our biscuit connoisseurs; Sammie Dodger, Ferkado, Digesteves, and Viscount Charles, felt it was about time to settle one of the most difficult questions since the invention of the delicious, crumbly, sugary product; what’s the best biscuit for dunking?

We tested 18 biscuits for delicious taste and superb ‘dunk-ability’, here are the results:

McVities Digestives – Original

Charlie Digestive

Sammie Dodger: ‘Classic – tastes like my childhood, lovely!’

Ferkado: ‘Nice, dry and crumbly.’

Digesteves: ‘The base for all biscuits. If you’re looking for a simple, tasty treat, this is it.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Standard, sweet but not a great crumb.’

McVities Chocolate Digestives

Chocolate Digestive

Sammie Dodger: ‘The addition of a sweet chocolate topping makes this biscuit even better for me!’ 

Ferkado: ‘Chocolate is a very welcome addition to this classic.’

Digesteves: ‘I didn’t think digestives could get any better, but then I met the chocolate variant and what a treat these are!’

Viscount Charles: ‘Love the chocolate topping, a very important upgrade to the classic recipe.’

McVities Digestives – Banoffee Caramel

Caramel Digestive

Sammie Dodger: ‘The flavour is very overpowering, I’m not a fan of this.’

Ferkado: ‘Way too sticky for me, and the aftertaste is rotten.’

Digesteves: ‘The first couple of bites were nice, then the aftertaste kicked in and these biscuits were soon drafted to the lower end of the league.’

Viscount Charles: ‘There’s a nice balance between biscuit and caramel but they’re too sweet and tacky on the tongue.’

Jacob’s Mikado


Sammie Dodger: ‘Soft, chewy and pretty bland. To sum it up in one word YUCK!’

Ferkado: ‘Brings me back to my childhood. Nice and jammy but I would prefer less coconut, I really hate coconut.’

Digesteves: ‘A lovely biscuit, but it’s more of a dessert for me.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Not a fan of these, too fluffy.’

Maryland Big Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sammie Dodger: ‘The biscuits are too crumbly, and the chocolate chunks are too dark. The biscuit disintegrated in my mouth, leaving a horrible, powdery palate.’

Ferkado: ‘Tasty, lots of chunks but some got lost mid-bite.’

Digesteves: ‘I’m not usually a cookie fan but these are really tasty – very chunky with lots of flavour.’

Viscount Charles: ‘A good cookie but too big for me.’

Lyon’s Biscuits Toffypops


Sammie Dodger: ‘Thick, chewy and extremely sweet – there’s a lot going on in this tiny biscuit. It’s a no from me.’

Ferkado: ‘A little sticky and way too small for me but the shortbread base is lovely.’

Digesteves: ‘Very sweet with lots of toffee.’

Viscount Charles: ‘A firm favourite, soft, creamy toffee on a lovely shortbread biscuit.’

McVities Hobnobs – Chocolate

Chocolate Hobnobs

Sammie Dodger: ‘An old fave – I love the oaty flavour and crunch. A winner for me.’

Ferkado: ‘The first bite was nice but it quickly becomes too oaty for my groovy palate.’

Digesteves: ‘Great texture with an amazing chocolate flavour.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Not a nob fan, I don’t like crumbs getting stuck in my teeth and these biscuits are guilty of that every time.

McVities Hobnobs – Original


Sammie Dodger: ‘Same as the chocolate one but less sweet. It’s still a lovely treat.’

Ferkado: ‘These were okay, but I missed the chocolate topping.’

Digesteves: ‘Love the texture but the flavour is a bit boring for me. These really need the chocolate to make them star quality.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Again, not a nob fan.’

Lyon’s Biscuits Viscount


Sammie Dodger: ‘Nice minty taste but these are definitely a ‘one and done’ biscuit for me. If you’re trying to cut down on your biscuit intake, these are the ones for you.’

Ferkado: ‘Loved the mint here. Nice palate cleanser.’

Digesteves: ‘Yum – love the minty flavour.’

Viscount Charles: ‘A nice, after dinner treat but really, it’s the not the best biscuit.’

Fox’s Party Rings

Party Rings

Sammie Dodger: ‘Very sweet and really not great.’

Ferkado: ‘These are way too sweet. I thought my fillings fell out after the first bite!’

Digesteves: ‘Icing doesn’t belong on a biscuit.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Great crunch but tastes of nothing but sugar.’

Bolands Custard Creams

Custard Creams

Sammie Dodger: ‘These are fine, they’re a classic I won’t be eating many of.’

Ferkado: ‘Nice and simple. The detail on these biscuits is incredible and we’ve finally found a biscuit with a substantial bite.’

Digesteves: ‘Yummy – I’m a big fan of this old reliable.’

Viscount Charles: ‘I love the custard filling and the incredible detail on this biscuit, definitely one of my favourites.’

Jacob’s Polo

Polo Biscuit

Sammie Dodger: ‘A seriously tasty biscuit, light and crunchy.’

Ferkado: ‘I hate coconut.’

Digesteves: ‘Coconut biscuits should not exist. Yuck!’

Viscount Charles: ‘Stands on its own in the biscuit aisle, you either love or hate it.’

Jammie Dodgers

Jammie Dodger

Sammie Dodger: ‘Sticky and stale.’

Ferkado: ‘A sticky biscuit with absolutely no taste.’

Digesteves: ‘I like these biscuits, but they are not good with a cup of tea. They kind of tasted stale.’

Viscount Charles: ‘Yuck! – the only word I can use to describe this biscuit.’

McVities GingerNuts


Sammie Dodger: ‘Ah, I love a bit of ginger, goes lovely with a cuppa. These were seriously tasty.’

Ferkado: ‘These are amazing. I love the fiery ginger flavour.’

Digesteves: ‘Love these, one of my all-time favourites, the flavour and texture are delicious.’

Viscount Charles: ‘A perfect biscuit for dunking, and actually taste much better when dipped into a hot cup of tea.’

SuperValu Nice Biscuits

Nice Biscuit

Sammie Dodger: ‘Very plain and boring. An uninspired biscuit in search of a point.’

Ferkado: ‘These are the biscuits you eat when there’s nothing else on offer and you’re desperate for something sweet.’

Digesteves: ‘These are…nice.’

Viscount Charles: ‘The hint is in the name, these are nice, not great.’

McVities Rich Tea

Rich Tea

Sammie Dodger: ‘Very plain biscuit, get bored eating it.’

Ferkado: ‘A biscuit with a nice taste, texture, and break. A real winner here.’

Digesteves: ‘Plain as you get!’

Viscount Charles: ‘These are okay, as plain as they come.’

Oreo Original

Sammie Dodger: ‘A crunchy biscuit with a delicious creamy feeling. Oreo is a tasty biscuit for me.’

Ferkado: ‘I love the mix of creaminess and crunchiness in this biscuit, but these are tiny! Straight in the gob!’

Digesteves: ‘One of my favourite biscuits. Crunchy, creamy and full of flavour.’

Viscount Charles: ‘These biscuits are better off without a pairing, they become too sweet when dunked.’

Our Verdict

Best Biscuits For Dunking In Tea

  • McVities Ginger Nut
  • McVities Chocolate Digestive
  • McVities Chocolate Hobnob
  • Maryland Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Oreo Original

Worst Biscuits For Dunking In Tea

  • Fox’s Party Rings
  • Jacob’s Polo
  • McVities Digestives – Banoffee Caramel
  • Jammie Dodgers
  • Jacob’s Kimberly