Being Mum: 9 Women Share The Real Joy Of Motherhood

With us celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 14th, it’s the time of year when we start to think about mum and how much she means to us. In a year that saw the home become the office, classroom, creche, playground, cinema and more, mums have juggled it all – teacher, chef, nurse, caretaker, counsellor…the list of roles go on. We put this question to 9 women: ‘what does being a mum mean to you?’. Their responses were honest, lovely, inspiration and funny, read them all below:

Sarah Oates, mum of 1

‘It makes me who I am. There is nothing better than the feeling of hugging my son. I am grateful every day of my life for him’.

Rachel O’Sullivan, mum of 1

‘My life began the day I become a mother. [My daughter] completes my life in every way. She’s just so much light during such a dark time.’

Charlotte Fogerty, mum of 2

‘It means that even when your children are all grown up and have moved out, you’re still there for them, supporting their decisions and of course having enough food in the house for when they come over with their own families!’

Lynsay Houston, mum of 2

Being a mum means being that safe space that my children need when they have hurt themselves or when they’re scared. One of my girls has a heart condition and she has taught me how to live again. My girls are my life, they have taught me things that I didn’t think being a mum meant.’

Valeria Balan, mum of 3

‘Having a reason to never give up. To always improve things and to smile every day!’

Viv Gilbey, mum of 1

‘From seeing two blue lines on that stick to the first time I felt my growing baby kick, becoming a mum was certainly life changing. I’ll never forget the day I gave birth. That moment when she was placed on my chest, staring at her tiny features, I knew I was blessed. I felt a surge of deep love like no other. Being a mum changes you and nothing’s better than hearing ‘mummy, I love you.’

Suzanne O’Mahony, mum of 3

‘The relationship that exists between siblings. Seeing a bond, compassion and understanding between a non-verbal autistic boy and his older sister. No words needed, the enjoyment, shared hilarity and happiness is captured beautifully in the photo I’ve shared.’

Michelle Vermaak, mum of 2

‘Being a mum is a mixture of things. It’s having your heart walk around outside your body all the time, watching with pride (and sometimes horror!) at how fast kids grow up. It’s being everything they need even when you think you aren’t enough. Being a mum is an absolute blessing.’

Maebh McGrath, mum of 2

‘Being a mum of 2 and working means zero downtime, I’m always on the go (but I hate sitting still anyway!). My kids are always with me, joining in when I’m trying to do an online workout, and making it 10 times harder because I’m trying to avoid them and their army of teddies! It’s scary being responsible for 2 little people but so rewarding too. Their lovely smiles and hugs keep me going.’

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