Battle of The Baubles: These Are The Top Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree

Some of us fantasise about Christmas all year and are forced to summon every bit of self-control we have to stop us from putting the decorations up in May. Then there’s others who like the last-minute route and transform their house into a winter wonderland the week before Christmas Eve. 

Whichever category you fall into, there’s no denying that Christmas decorations truly make the home look magical and there’s always a sadness when the festive season comes to an end, signalling the time when the cheery decorations must return to their boxes for another year.

Caroline Flannery, owner of Interiors by Caroline, tells One4all her top tips for getting the home into the festive spirit.

1. Focus on decorating the rooms you spend the most amount of time in, for example the kitchen and living room,  rather than putting all your effort into the Christmas tree which may be positioned in the hallway or in the room you hardly ever use.
2. Choose a theme which works with your existing décor, for example silvers and whites work beautifully with grey tones, coppers and golds with blue and pink tones.  Fairy lights and candles instantly create a festive, cosy feel to any room and natural foliage such as holly, pine cones and eucalyptus will enhance all schemes, be careful of the candles though.
3. Avoid thrashy tinsels and plastic baubles which look fussy and always end up looking tired before the end of the season.  Take a more tasteful, greener approach by looking at Scandinavian style paper and wood garlands.  In fact, garlands, garlands everywhere. Make sure they match your colour scheme and hang them on walls, suspend them across a ceiling, and drape them across window sills (stars and snowflakes are particularly gorgeous).
4. Give your tree some extra love by placing it in a wicker or seagrass basket rather than leaving it on the stand.  If you must place it in a bucket choose galvanised tin rather than plastic.
5. Nothing says Christmas like an advent calendar. Look for something beautiful which will give you joy year after year rather than another thing to add to landfill after the festivities.  You can happily replace the edible treats each year or even better make your own chocolate Santa’s and yummy gingerbread.
6. Whilst on holiday pick up interesting handmade Christmas decorations as gifts or souvenirs, this will enhance your decorating experience every Christmas with pleasant memories and stories which can be enjoyed over your entire lifetime, kind of like a photo album on your Christmas tree!
7. If you live in a small space, consider not having a Christmas Tree at all and instead focus on Christmassy soft furnishings such as faux fur throws and reindeer cushions.  If you really must have a tree, consider arranging your fairy lights or Christmas cards into the shape of a tree on a wall.
8. Create a feeling of cosy abundance by keeping you’re dining table decorated for the entire festive season with bowls of Christmassy treats, gorgeous candle holders and a festive table cloth.
9. Instead of keeping your beautifully wrapped gifts in a bag ready to give to your loved ones, use them as decorations in your home until the time comes to part with them.  Place them on your stairs, under your tree, or on the mantel piece.
10. Think about scent and how you can make your home not just look festive but smell like Christmas also.  There are lots of options when it comes to scented candles but there is nothing as evocative as the scent of fresh foliage such as pine cones and branches.  Use festive ribbons and twine wrap together, also include some battery-operated fairy lights into your arrangements.
11. Style your favourite pictures and pieces of furniture for Christmas with garlands and fairy lights.

With all that in mind, the One4all team have picked the best Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree this festive season.

Jewel Birdcage

Tinker Tailor, Jewel Birdcage Decoration, Brown Thomas

Jewel Snowglobe

Tinker Tailor, Jewel Snowglobe Decoration, Brown Thomas

Ball Pearl

Magnolia Ball Pearl Tree Decoration, Brown Thomas

Feather Scallop

Feather Scallop Bauble, Brown Thomas  

Jewel Apple Tree

Jewel Apple Tree Decoration, Brown Thomas

Bead Snowflake

Bead Snowflake Tree Decoration, Brown Thomas

Pearl Detail

Pearl Detail Tree Decoration, Brown Thomas

Mexican Decorations

Mexican Themed Christmas Tree Decorations, Debenhams

Nativity Glass

Nativity Glass Bauble, Debenhams

Margarita Decoration

Green Margarita Glass Tree Decoration, Debenhams

Octopus Decoration

Pink and Blue Christmas Octopus Decoration, Debenhams

Camper Van Decoration

Camper Van Tree Decoration, Carraig Donn

Festive Window

Festive Window Decoration, Carraig Donn

Caroline Flannery is the owner of Interiors by Caroline who specialise in highly personalised bespoke interior design and furnishings.  For more information, visit online and follow us @interiorsbycaroline on Instagram.

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