Top tips for getting the kids back to school fuss free. Summer is definitely not over yet but we know you’ll be glad of some top tips for making surely you’re fully prepared for the kids heading back to school...


Early Nights

Let’s face it, it’s already going to be a shock to their systems (and ours too) so let’s not make it any harder for ourselves. For a couple of weeks leading up to the big day make sure that the kids are fed, bathed and tucked up in bed early. Be sure to account time spent dealing with unplanned melt downs, sudden pangs of thirst/hunger on cue with lights out time, additional stories, and the list goes on!



One of the most important things to get ticked off your list, and one of the easiest when done early. From jumpers and shirts to skirts and trousers, make sure you have at least a couple of each, to get you through the week. Don’t forget the smaller items like socks, school bags and shoes too. Oh, and the sports kit. You’ll find a great selection of uniforms at John Lewis.



All children love heading into class armed with a new set of colourful pens and a cool new pencil case - or was that just us? We think it makes class work and home work more exciting and they’ll love choosing them with you.


Lunch Box

If you’re going to be sending your child to school with a packed lunch then be sure to have a lunch box, drinks bottle and perhaps some healthy snacks to hand. We love the sweet sandwich cutters from TGO at Amazon, for sandwiches that will bring smiles!


Homework Space

Make sure there’s no excuse for your little angels not to get their homework done. Before they head back to school, set aside some time to clear an area in the house or bedroom where they can sit comfortably and complete any reading or work which they have to complete at home. A simple sturdy table and comfortable chair are important. A lamp is also a good idea, along with a computer and printer for older children.



Once you’ve managed to tick off all of the above then it’s time for a well earned rest. Put your feet up and enjoy the rest of your summer holidays and time spent with the kids whilst you can!


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