Amazing Christmas Gifts Photographers Will Love

Still at a loss on what to gift your favourite photographer this Christmas? From the outside, the world of photography can seem like a giant puzzle, with so many lenses, lighting, and camera accessories. However, when in doubt, get a photographer something useful.

Here, our expert photographer shares a list of amazing gifts (for all budgets) the photographer on your gift list will love to find under the tree this Christmas. These gifts may not seem the most exciting but they’re exactly what a photographer needs.  

Inexpensive Gifts (>€100)

Camera Wrist Strap

Standard neck straps can be very straining on the neck and can result in bad posture. I recommend a wrist strap instead. Not only is it a more comfortable way of carrying a camera, it’s also safer because it can be adjusted tight around the wrist, making it more secure from accidents and potential theft.


This cool tool can help your photographer dive into endless creative photography possibilities. It can capture a 180-degree view of your surroundings. It can be used with any camera, smartphone or professional. It’s guaranteed to bring a lot of fun on photoshoots.

Monkey Tripod

A monkey tripod is a small tripod with flexible legs which bend in many directions. It’s designed to help photographers capture scenes from unusual perspectives where a normal tripod would fail. For example, branches, bridge railings, traffic signs, etc.

Accessories Organiser

As a photographer, there’s nothing worse than a messy camera bag with cables and SD cards everywhere but difficult to get your hands on when you really need them. An accessories organiser will keep all loose tools in one place, so photographers will always know where to find that extra SD card

Mid-Range Gifts (€100 - €300)

Camera Bag

A professional photographer will live out of their camera bag, so it needs to be good quality, comfortable, and it needs to fit not only camera gear but also water, spare clothes (photographers tend to get wet and dirty often), props, and many other items, some of the best camera bags are sold by Brevite, Nomatic and Manfrotto. Top tip: before you buy any camera bag, make sure that the bag is waterproof!


Photographers might not use a tripod all the time but it’s always a good idea for them to have one as part of their equipment in case they want to experiment with long exposure or night-time photography. There’s lots of choice in the tripod world but the most important thing is to choose one that is sturdy enough to withstand the wild Irish winds!

External Hard Drive

A safe space to store photographs is a must. Not only for memories but also to go back and experiment with new editing styles or to use archives for commercial use. I recommend buying a desktop drive, it’s mains powered and much more reliable than a portable hard drive.


There are loads of photography filters that are worth having in any photographer’s bag. A basic kit consists of an ND filter, polarizer and a diffusion filter. Filters can enhance a photograph at the time of taking. They can remove glares and reflections, smooth out water or remove unwanted noise.

High-End Gifts (>€300)


Drones have greatly transformed the photography scene in the recent years. They are great for getting aerial shots from a perspective that no one saw before. A drone will change their photography game, make them stand out from the others.


Having a good quality printer at home means photographers can save loads of money on printing their work through a third party. Photographs are an achievement, something to be proud of so I feel every photographer should print their work and create a space to display it, for example a wall gallery. With a printer at home, photographers can show off their work and save pennies!

Go Pro

If your photographer is also a fan of extreme sports or water activities, buying them a Go Pro will combine the two passions into one. Go Pros are built to withstand tough conditions such as low temperatures or water. They are small cameras that can be attached to a helmet or anywhere really giving a very unique angle.

For the photographer that has it all

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This post was written by One4all’s Graphic and Web Designer, Ola Dybul. If she’s not creating trendy social graphics or working to make your web journey easier, she’s off traveling the world or taking awesome photographs. Stay tuned for more travel and photography tips from this expert travel photographer.

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