93% of Irish People Say They Have A Good Relationship With Their Siblings

Siblings Day Feature

Did you know today is National Siblings Day?

There’s no bond quite like the one between siblings and Sibling Day is a way of honouring that special relationship. Claudia Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, New York, created this day after losing both her brother and sister at an early age. She said: ‘I lost both of them in tragic accidents. Like many, I have these photographs of my brother and sister, who are both gone, but remain with me daily, not just in these pictures, but in my daily thoughts and in my heart, making me understand the everlasting bond we have with our siblings’. Ms Evart has dedicated her time to ensuring that the bond of brother and sister is forever acknowledged as the special gift it is.

Good Relationship

To celebrate, National Siblings Day, One4all surveyed hundreds of brothers and sisters to find out about their relationship. A massive 93% of Irish people said they have a good relationship with their siblings, with 76% saying that bond is stronger now than it was when they were younger.

Closer Now
See Each Other

When it comes to quality time, it’s clear we like to catch-up regularly as 30% of those surveyed said they see their siblings once a week. 20% said they see their brothers and sisters once a month while another 20% said they see them every day.

When asked about the most meaningful gifts they’ve received from their siblings over the years, material items like concert tickets, clothes, and jewellery didn’t have as lasting an impact as friendship, advice, support, help, and time came out on top.

Amazing Sister Two
Amazing Brother Two
Amazing Brother One
Amazing Sister 1

Caring, funny, loving, thoughtful, supportive, helpful, and loyal were the words of choice people surveyed used to describe their siblings with some respondents saying, ‘My sisters are my greatest gifts’ and others revealing, ‘My brother is a better version of me – he’s my best friend!’

‘While those of us with siblings are very much aware of how quickly an argument over the remote control can escalate into world war 3, our research has also shown that no matter what, siblings are and always will be our closest friends, alloys, go-to’s, secret keepers! An unbreakable bond we feel is most definitely worth celebrating,’ Leanne Halpin, Group Communications Manager at One4all.