6 Important Life Lessons We Learn From Our Teachers

Important Life Lessons We Learn From Our Teacher

Teachers play a significant role in our journey from school kids to young adults and the life lessons they teach us have an everlasting impact. As the end of the school year is near, we’re taking the time to celebrate Ireland’s amazing teachers and looking at the important lessons they teach that aren’t printed in the textbooks.

1. Hard work pays off

It’s been said for years – if you want something, you need to work for it and teachers are very good at reassuring us that hard work pays off in the end. When we’re stressed and on the verge of giving up, they get us to focus again with their belief and words of encouragement that we can and will reach our highest potential.

2. Treat others the way you would want to be treated

Not every day in the classroom is a positive experience for teachers – there could be a student or group of students that, for example, constantly interrupts lessons or speaks out of turn. And in response to this, teachers teach us that if you want to be treated nice, you need to show respect to others. This is a valuable lesson that applies to every stage of life.

3. Good team-working skills are important

Through group projects and presentations, we learn how valuable teamwork is. Teachers are very good at creating exercises that will help us build our communication skills, our ability to make important decisions, and our ability to build rapport with others. We learn that through working together, we can achieve something great.

4. Never be afraid to make mistakes

Teachers reassure us that it is okay to make mistakes because:

  • We learn substantially more from failure than success.
  • Failure makes us stronger and contributes considerably towards our personal development.
  • We’re more confident to take chances if we’re not unafraid to fail.
  • Making mistakes open us up to more learning opportunities.

 5. You can achieve anything you put your mind to

When it comes to achieving our dreams, teachers are among the best support system. They listen to our dreams and encourage us to chase them. They are an incredible source of hope and belief that we can achieve anything and become exactly what we want to. 

6. It’s important to stay true to yourself

Teachers teach us the importance of staying true to ourselves. In life, we often let what other’s think of us impact our decisions, but teachers educate us on self-belief and trusting our instincts.

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