5 Cartoon Dads We’d Love To Spend Father’s Day With

Cartoon Dads

In the incredible world of entertainment – specifically animated movies and TV shows – we’ve come across some amazing dads.

In honour of Father’s Day on June 16th, we’ve rounded up 5 top dads who we’d love to spend Father’s Day with:

1. Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

He’s nearly ruined his family’s lives more than once with many of his silly get-rich-quick and laziness schemes (take the time he brought home hundreds of pounds of sugar with plans to sell it door to door or when he became morbidly obese so he could work from home), but despite his shortcomings, the donut-loving-doofus, Homer Simpson is a top dad who loves his family more than anything. He jumped over Springfield Gorge to show Bart the realistic dangers of his ‘daredevil’ ways, he became extremely sleep-deprived after he took a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart to pay for Lisa’s pony, and after Maggie was born he gave up his dream job at Barney’s uncle Al’s bowling alley and settled for his soul-crushing role at Mr Burns Nuclear Power Plant because it was the only way to provide for her (he even keeps photos of her in his station to remind him of that every day).

2. Mufasa – The Lion King

The King of the Pride Lands, Mufasa spends the short time he has with his son Simba teaching him how to be a wise, strong, and fair leader and advising him on the Circle of Life. He did whatever he needed to protect his son from harm and often fought off the creatures that threatened him (like the time he rescued Simba and his friend Nala from the three hyenas). Even after his death (one of the saddest moments in Disney movie history) he appears to Simba in spirit form to guide him back to Pride Rock so he can take his place as rightful king.

3. Chas Finster – Rugrats

Single dads were a rarity in 90s cartoons so Chas Finster always stood out from the rest. A widower and father to two-year-old Chuckie, this sweet-natured man is an absolute gem who adores Chuckie and would do anything for him. The episode where he shows Chuckie letters from his late mum Melinda is absolutely heart-breaking, but Chas and Chuckie stay strong and everything works out well for them in the end; he remarries the lovely Kira and Chuckie gets a cool step-sister, Kimi.

4. Professor Utonium – The Powerpuff Girls

With sugar, spice and everything nice, Professor Utonium was sure he had the recipe to make the perfect daughters, but with the help of an additional ingredient, Chemical X, he got that and more. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are sweet superheroes who use their super strength and ability to fly to keep the city of Townsville safe from villains like Mojo Jojo and Fuzzy Lumpkins. However, even with their great strength, they still rely on the wise words and bedtime cuddles of dad Utonium and he always worries about his little girls and looks after them in the best way possible.

5. Phil Shortman – Hey Arnold!

Arnold’s parents are missing throughout the 90s animated series, so Grandpa Phil plays his father figure, and does a smashing job. He gives great advice, is a go-to for a good story, and always pushes Arnold’s creativity.

*During our time with football head, we were led to believe his parents disappeared while on a humanitarian aid mission but in 2017, Nickelodeon released Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, and gave us the reunion we were dreaming of. Arnold finds his parents in San Lorenzo suffering from severe sleeping sickness. With the help of Gerald and Helga, he cures his parents of their illness and the three return home to New York and live happily ever after!

What dad did we miss?

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